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Who does and doesn't support Biker's rights


Please note that this is a *PERSONAL* home page. While it is true that I belong to several Motorcyclist Rights Organizations, nothing written in these pages has been authorized or sponsored by those or any other groups or organizations. The comments written here express my opinions and not the opinions of any other person or organization.

Oregon Political Party Links

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Oregon Republican Party Homepage
Washington County Republican Party
The Republican Party on mandatory helmet laws
Party Chairman Deanna Smith PO Box 1450 Beaverton, OR 97075
Phone: (503) 520-1996 or (503) 588-9497
Fax: (503) 644-0210

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Democratic Party of Oregon Homepage
The Democratic Party on mandatory helmet laws
DPO Party Chair Marc Abrams
Governor Kitzhaber vetoed HB2454 last session!
  Any other questions?

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Libertarian Party of Oregon
The Libertarian Party on mandatory helmet laws
Party Chairman Kristopher Barrett

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