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A Network Manager friend of mine estimates that his staff spends 25% of their time defending against hackers, investigating hack attempts and resolving the aftermath of successful network and server hacks.


Have six Admins earning around $60k per year plus benefits?  Here’s the math


Hackers are costing your company $100,000 per year!


Obviously, this is a 100% unproductive use of valuable IT resources that generates zero income for your company!  Of course, you can choose to do nothing about Hackers and pay the price for the damage they do, which can be considerable.


Hackers routinely shut down entire company networks. 

E-mail, web sites.. everything!


Wouldn’t that be fun, explaining how that happened to the President of your company?


… Or to the nightly news?


Internet threats are everywhere:  Hackers and Crackers constantly trying to break into your network.  Viruses.  Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.  Industrial espionage.  Stealing customer information, credit card numbers and so on from your databases.  Turning your servers and workstations into ZOMBIE BOTS.  The list goes on and on.  Often, even I.T. Admins aren’t aware that they’ve been hacked!


Firewalls and anti-virus software are only part of the solution


If you never want to get a restful night of sleep again, have a look at your log files sometime.  Have a look at all of the stuff that ISN’T being blocked. Hackers get smarter every day.  Using ten year old technology and thinking you are 100% safe and protected is just not effective.  So what can you do?



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